“An appalling lack of any form of compassion.”

Mark Townend CEO RSPCA Qld

RSPCA Queensland Inspectors and veterinarians last week raided the property of a prominent greyhound trainer following information provided by Animal Liberation and Animals Australia.

Last night the ABC’s Four Corners program aired disturbing footage that showed live animals being used to “train” greyhounds. Live baiting uses live animals as bait to encourage the dogs the chase the lure. These animals are subjected to extreme stress before being mauled to death.

“The greyhound industry has always maintained that this practice had been stamped out but that blatantly isn’t true,” said RSPCA Qld CEO Mark Townend. “The pictures and the audio point to the fact that blooding is basically regarded as essential to produce a winning dog. It’s deeply entrenched and probably widespread. The complete lack of any form of empathy or compassion for the possum and the piglet is frankly somewhat chilling and shows an appalling lack of any form of compassion.”

The footage was shot by members of Animal Liberation and shows a mother possum being torn apart when attached to a lure. A small piglet suffers the same fate. Previously the mother possum’s baby was removed from her back and bashed to death.

“It’s graphic and very confronting. Not all of it could be shown on television,” continued Mr Townend. “This is a big industry and as reported on 4 Corners worth billions of dollars with governments reaping the benefits. They have blood on their hands and surely with this evidence they must be compelled to effect drastic changes within the industry.”

RSPCA has continued to gather evidence but it is too early to say if any charges will be laid under the Animal Care and Protection Act.

“What is obvious is that the industry cannot be allowed to police itself. We’re calling on the Government to instigate a full enquiry.”


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