Don’t let your pet end up in the ‘lost and pound’

Animals Dogs Pet Care Cats Posted Apr 13, 2023
Why are more and more pets going missing whilst their owners are on holiday?

As a dog owner, the very first thing I think about when planning a holiday is, ‘Who is going to look after my furbaby?’ I had always thought that leaving her with family or friends was the best option. After all, they know her, she loves them and of course I trust them!

That was until I learnt about the dire consequences that this could have if she went missing. 

According to RSPCA Qld spokesperson Michael Beatty:

“If a pet goes missing these minders often can’t provide crucial identification information and if the animal turns up at a shelter with no contact details it’s presumed to be a stray and can then be adopted by another family." 

"In some cases, by the time the owner returns from their holiday and contacts us, the animal has settled into a new home which causes confusion and distress for all involved.”

Unfortunately, Michael said that there have already been 8 cases like this just this year, with the number likely to continue to rise over the Easter period. 

Like me, you might think that if your pet goes missing while you are away that your friends or family will simply call you. However, they may not want to worry you, you might not be easily contactable, or your minder might not be as responsible as you thought! 

How do I keep my pet safe?

To help prevent your pet ending up in a pound, or worse, the safest and least stressful option is to invest in a professional pet sitting service such as PetCloud. All their pet sitters are assessed to ensure that they pass a police check and PetCloud automatically provides pet insurance with every booking. For just a small fee, it means you can enjoy your holiday without worry about your furbaby. You know they will be well fed, walked and given plenty of love and attention. 

But, if family or friends are still your best option, make sure that you prepare them should your pet go missing on their watch. 

Make certain your pet is microchipped and has an ID tag. Read more on ensuring your pet’s microchip has all the right details!

You can also register your pet with the RSPCA’s Home Alone service. This way the contact details of the person looking after your pet are registered and if your pet ends up in RSPCA care while you are away, we know who to contact. 

Check out what to do if you've lost your pet.  The guide includes step by-step instructions on how your family or friends can find your pet if they go missing. All you need to do is fill out the important information section and stick it on the fridge!  

Nicole Muscat
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