Become a Foster Carer this Christmas

Animals Posted Apr 13, 2023
If you're home for Christmas and the school holidays, it's the perfect time to foster a pet so they won’t be alone at Christmas!

If you aren’t sure that owning a pet is right for you, or your situation doesn’t allow for a long-term commitment, then fostering an animal may be the perfect temporary solution. It doesn’t just benefit you, because you’re providing important socialisation skills and much needed love to an animal that would otherwise be in a shelter.

Learn more by watching our video below. RSPCA Ambassador Jessica Stafford, finds out more on who can become a foster carer, what’s provided to you and why you should take the leap!

Are you a unicorn?

We are always searching for more 'unicorn' foster carers – foster carers who are in especially high demand. Could you be one of our unicorns?

  • A big dog lover that can take on medium to large sized dogs at home, have secure fences and no other pets of your own?
  • Can care for dogs and cats recovering from orthopaedic surgery – these dogs need extra TLC to recover at home with crate rest.
  • Can foster care adult cats.

If you’d like to make sure no pet is lonely for Christmas, apply to be a foster carer!

Sam Morris
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