Pet Insurance: Why it's Important

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Learn more about pet insurance and some common claims pet owners have made for their cats and dogs
As a country with one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, Australia is officially a pet-loving nation.

We have around 24 million furry friends living amongst us in almost 62 per cent of Australian homes, so it's no wonder we're spending big on our four-legged family members.

Over the lifespan of the average pooch, we will spend more than $25,000 on our canine companions and for those of us with feline friends, this figure sits at around $15,000. 

With this type of money being spent, it’s unsurprising that the pet industry is now worth around $8 billion per year! And, as we continue to prioritise our pets – rightly so – this spend will undoubtedly rise and lead us to consider the ways in which we can save.

We all want our pets to live forever, in fact, just thinking about the 'what ifs' can be quite daunting for any animal lover. But we should be thinking about, "What if my pet gets sick", so we're prepared in case an unexpected vet bill pops up. 

Did you know: Over $2 billion is spent on vet bills each year with pet insurance is becoming increasingly popular.

Pet Insurance offers a way in which we can help ease the costs associated with pet ownership and can help to ensure we are able to get the best pet care possible, when we need it most.

In fact, PetSure Australia Pty Ltd stated that in the 2012/13 financial year, dog owners claimed payouts of over $8,600 for the treatment of a twisted stomach, $4,211 for cruciate ligaments and $2,934 for inflamed intestines. Whilst cat owners have claimed over $6,600 for tumours, almost $3,000 for ligament tears and pneumonia treatments, demonstrating just how quickly the cost of pet-ownership can climb.

Although it’s not pleasant to imagine our fur-babies in less than desirable health, it may be worth considering the ways in which we can ease the financial burden if the worst was to happen.

Find out more about RSPCA Pet Insurance and whether it’s right for you today or call 1300 725 992.

PetSure Australia Pty Ltd Claim Figures 2012/13. Payment subject to benefit percentage. All amounts are average payments per condition and are net claim amounts after deduction of co-payments

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