Make Your Pooch a Crinkle Bottle Toy

Pet Care Pet Health Dogs Posted Aug 2, 2021
Easy DIYs to keep your dog entertained at home.

If your pooch loves funny crinkly noises, a T-shirt wrapped water bottle is the perfect toy.

Here’s a tip before we get started: Make sure you use things from around the house that  are pet safe (no sharps, chemicals, googly eyes, wood, or any other small parts that your pup could swallow).

What You Need:
  1. Plastic Water Bottle
  2. Old T-shirt
  3. Fabric Scissors (optional)

What To Do:
  1. Securely wrap and tie the T-shirt around the water bottle, making sure the entire bottle is covered.
  2. For some extra flair, cut a strand of three to make a braid that can either hang loose or can be wrapped around the bottle. This will be great for your dog to pull and tug!

Sarah Barfoot
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