Here’s the Best Way to Care for Pet Mice

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Mice make for great home pets because most have been bred to be friendly and calm animals. They are also very sociable animals and are very open to human companionship

If you’re considering adopting mice, we’ve put together some advice on how to care for your pet mouse here.

Mice are easy pets to take care of, but there are still some important things to consider.

  • Mice are social creatures! It’s always great to own more than one mouse. Two are ideal of the same gender, so you don’t end up with loads of babies! A pair of mice will keep each other company.
  • Enrichment, toys and games. Mice are very intelligent animals and need mental enrichment. Providing toys, little tunnels, wooden chews and small cardboard boxes will allow them to hide when they please and play when they like! Think exercise wheels, puzzles, shredded paper, etc!
  • Mouse house. Mice can live in a range of enclosures. Mice love to climb, so having a larger, multi-level space that is escape proof is the best option! Keeping your mouse house clean and ventilated is a must. You also need to consider where you place your mice enclosure, they are prone to heat and cold stress! So keep that in mind as the weather changes - keep them out of drafts, direct sunlight etc
TIP: The best way to ensure your mouse stays hydrated is with dripper-type water bottles. They are better than water bowls as they are less likely to become soiled and can be filled up without having to open your mouse enclosure

  • Never pick your mice up by the tail. These gentle animals can get scared or even hurt with rough handline. Make sure you support their body when picking them up and always be gentle when handling them.
  • A good diet. A good diet for your mouse to keep them happy and healthy consists of both animal and plant based materials. Mice should have a protein level of at least 16 percent and a fat content of 4 to 5 percent. Read more here for the ideal food to feed your mice. You can find supplies and pet food for your mice at RSPCA World for Pets or your local pet store.
  • As well as playing with toys and hiding, mice love to burrow. Be sure to provide suitable bedding for your mice. A good idea is pelleted, recycled paper cat litter or shredded paper. It’s best not to use sawdust as it can irritate their nose and skin! The bedding for your mice will need to be changed every two - four days

So, as you can see, mice are easy pets to take care of when it’s done right. They are the ideal small pet that can bring lots of entertainment and joy to any pet owner.

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