RSPCA Education in Schools: AWARE

Animals Posted Dec 2, 2020
Have you always wanted to learn more about animal care? Well, now you can with RSPCA AWARE!

Animals have a significant presence in the Australian community, whether it be within households or the environment. In the past year, there have been over 18,000 animal cruelty complaints in Queensland alone. We’ve also seen the busiest year on record with over 26,000 incoming wildlife needing care in our RSPCA Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre.

It’s incredibly important for younger generations to be aware of appropriate pet care within their homes but also, compassion for our native animals to ensure they have a future too.

Education plays a key role in helping to break the cycle of animal cruelty, which is why we have created a new educational platform called RSPCA AWARE.

RSPCA AWARE (Animal Well-being: Awareness, Responsibility and Education) is a free educational platform designed specifically for primary and middle school students. The program offers students the opportunity to develop empathy, respect, compassion and responsibility for the lives of all living things.

For teachers, RSPCA AWARE includes a variety of downloadable resource materials and units which are specifically tailored to align with the Australian National Curriculum. Teachers are able to pick and choose from the educational resources to create their own customised animal welfare lesson in their classroom. There are also exciting fundraising opportunities included to engage students throughout their journey of becoming a junior animal advocate.

If you want your children to be immersed in an educational platform which can help them to develop new skills and a deeper understanding of animal welfare, visit RSPCA AWARE.

We hope to see some more young animal advocates in the making soon!

Learn about more educational opportunities that RSPCA Queensland provides children here.

Alyssa Magarry
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