Microchipping is no guarantee of your pet coming home!

Microchipping Pet Care Posted Aug 30, 2018
We read all the time of those stories of long lost pets being reunited with their owners because of their trusty microchip. But not every story ends so happily with almost 20,000 domestic animals coming into the care of RSPCA QLD as a stray or via our Animal Ambulance the need for up to date identification is so important.

What you should do to maximise your pets reclaim potential.

Microchips are a wonderful way of identifying your pet but make sure your details stay up to date and your alternative contacts are people you trusted with your pets life!

  • Check to make sure your pets chip is registered
  • If it isn’t registered go to to register your pet
  • If your microchip is registered with one of the many registration companies make sure your details are correct and up to date
  • If you do purchase, adopt or get an animal from anyone make sure you check the microchip status before taking the animal, the original owner will need to sign over ownership on a change of ownership form before the registration company can change the pet into your name.
  • If you move house or change phones make sure you add “Update Fido’s Microchip” onto the TO DO list.
  • Make sure your pet also has external ID so anyone finding your pet can quickly get them home to you.
  • Call 1300 36 37 36 to get a Very Important Pet tag for your pet to be connected 24/7 to RSPCA Qld’s Call Centre.

So if in the terrible event that Fido, Freddy or Bella escapes you will have the peace of mind that your details are up to date and you have the highest chance of getting your loved pet home to you.

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