Busting the Myths about Desexing Your Pets!

Pet Health Pet Care Posted Aug 30, 2018
Did you know that desexing your pets is an effective strategy to prevent unwanted pregnancies, increase the life span of your beloved fur babies and improve their overall health and behaviour?

As a cat owner myself, I’m quite aware that some cats will spray urine on anything of value to you in order to mark their territory. However, when I desexed my beloved RJ, this problem disappeared. 

There are so many amazing benefits you and your pets receive once they have been desexed. From June 1 to August 31st you can register online with Operation Wanted to receive 20% off when desexing your pet, go online to find a participating Queensland Vet near you. 

Your pets will be happier and more content, their urges to roam are reduced, the risks of some cancers are lowered, and desexing also reduces aggressive behaviour in dogs and urine spraying in cats. 

And for you as owners, by desexing your pets, you reduce the risk of having unwanted litters and you are eligible for cheaper council registration fees. 

However, while the thought of admitting your pet into surgery is daunting, the procedure for your cherished pet is generally easy and quick. Your pet will receive a check up to ensure they are fit for surgery. Once approved, they receive a general anaesthetic so they will sleep throughout the whole procedure- not feeling a thing! 

Desexing is generally a day procedure, therefore you can drop them off in the morning then take them home with you the same day. Happy days!

When your fur baby is ready to come home, it is important that you monitor him/her for a couple of days post-surgery. You should follow the Vet’s instructions closely and keep your pet quiet. This means no long walks or games- even if they really want to. Also, keep an eye on their wound and bathe if necessary. 

Busting those Myths

There are so many incorrect myths about desexing pets, and we are here to bust them. 

DESEXING MYTH 1: “It will change my pet’s personality” Desexing will not change your pet’s personality. It may even have a positive impact by reducing aggression, the desire to roam, and urine spraying (cats only). 

DESEXING MYTH 2: “My pet will become fat and lazy” This is true only if you let it. Overeating and the lack of exercise leads to this, not desexing.

DESEXING MYTH 3: “My pet should have at least one litter” There is no truth in this whatsoever. All it does is make sure that there are pups or kittens looking for homes.

DESEXING MYTH 4: “Desexing can negatively impact their health” Desexing your pet can actually reduce the risk of some forms of cancer and other diseases. These include urine infections, mammary and ovarian cancer in females and perineal hernias, testicular and prostate cancer in males. 

Desex your pet, sign up online with Operation Wanted ( and receive a 20% discount at a local participating Vet in Queensland valid from June 1st to August 31st. 

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