Why you should desex your pets

Pet Health Pet Care Posted Jul 6, 2022
Desexing your pet is the best way to prevent unwanted litters of puppies and kittens, and increase the lifespan of your furbaby.

Across Australia, the RSPCA receives over 125,000 animals every year and many of these unwanted animals are the result of unplanned breeding. Desexing not only helps ensure there are fewer unwanted and homeless animals, but research also shows that desexed animals can live longer and healthier lives!

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Desexing your pet can reduce the risks of potentially serious health problems. An example is that desexed pets are less likely to get mammary cancer and will not get uterine infections or have false pregnancies.

By desexing your pets, it eliminates the risks of your pet getting pregnant, giving birth, and raising young. Your pet is less likely to scent mark by urinating on things, compared to animals that are not desexed.

Although dropping your cat or dog off for surgery does sound daunting, it is usually just a day procedure so you can collect your pets again at the end of the day.

If you desex your pet, you are also eligible for cheaper council registration fees

Desexed pets also have lower risks of contracting certain diseases. 

Desexing Myths Busted!

There are so many incorrect myths about desexing pets, and we are here to bust them. 

MYTH 1: "People have told me to wait until my girl has her first heat before getting desexed"

Truth: Don't take the advice of people on the internet that aren't vets! This is a complete myth. Ask your vet when the best time to desex your pet will be, based on their individual situation. 

Did you know that cats can fall pregnant as young as 4 months of age? So, you shouldn't be waiting around to get them desexed unless advised by your vet! It is very safe for cats to be desexed at 4 months.

For dogs, it is best to consult your veterinarian about the best age for desexing as the best age can vary with breed and size. 

MYTH 2: "Friends have said my pet should have at least one litter before being desexed"

Truth: There is absolutely no benefit to letting your pet have a litter before desexing. Apart from putting your beloved pet through a pregnancy and birth which has some risks, more kittens or puppies come into the world that need loving homes when there are already plenty of unwanted pets.

So, you really should not wait for your pet to have a litter.

MYTH 3: "Desexing will change my pet’s personality"

Truth: Desexing will not change your pet’s personality. It may even have a positive impact by reducing aggression, the desire to roam, and urine spraying (cats only). Desexing will stop your cat’s vocalisation when on heat!

MYTH 4: "My pet will become fat and lazy"

Truth: This is true only if you let it happen. Overeating and the lack of exercise leads to pet obesity, not desexing.

MYTH 5: "Desexing can negatively impact their health"

Truth: Desexing your pet can reduce the risk of some forms of cancer and other diseases. These include urine infections, mammary and ovarian cancer in females and perineal hernias, testicular and prostate cancer in males. 

If concerned, discuss these concerns with your veterinarian.

MYTH 6: "I've been told to wait until they're at least 2 years old before desexing"

Truth: Cats can be safely desexed from 4 months of age. Waiting 2 years will just result in unplanned litters and potentially unwanted behaviours like urine spraying, vocalisation etc. 

For dogs your veterinarian can provide the best advice on age of desexing based on their breed and size. Female dogs that are not desexed will bleed from their vulva when they are on heat/ in season, while male dogs will often be very persistent in their attempts to get to females who are on heat. So, it is important to talk to your veterinarian on when your dogs should be desexed as it is just as important as getting cats desexed. 

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