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Animals Animal Welfare Cats Dogs Posted Nov 21, 2023
With episode one of For the Love of Pets Season 2 proving popular with audiences, the docuseries rolls on with its second exciting instalment airing this week on November 24.

At RSPCA, the medical team contend with three very different health challenges for newly arrived dogs and cats needing life-changing treatments and surgeries before they can be rehomed.

Surrendered to RSPCA by her aging owner who was not able to care properly for her, Lilley is morbidly obese, and her future is bleak unless she can begin a weight loss journey that will reduce the immense strain on her body and internal organs.

Border Collie Gus is doing it tough, struck by a car and with his owners unable to afford the vital care he needs, he is surrendered to the RSPCA. Dr Diana is confronted with a shattered leg requiring serious and complex surgery, but Gus's challenges won't end there. If he avoids complications from the procedure, it will be a long road to recovery and the RSPCA must find him a special foster home where he can recuperate.

Also suffering from a severely damaged leg, little kitten Dottie isn't so lucky. After losing her hind leg, and making steady progress on the road to recovery, the RSPCA begin the search to find her the home she so desperately needs to live her best life.

Episode one of the series brought Benny, the exuberant Miniature Schnauzer puppy, into our living rooms as we followed his adoption journey with his new family.

Benny was surrendered by his owner just two weeks after he was first adopted. Corrine found Benny set off her asthma and could not risk a potentially fatal attack. She was left with no choice but to tearfully farewell the puppy she had fallen in love with in their two weeks together.

After nervous moments in his RSPCA meeting with his new family, Benny was finally adopted and is now living the good life with big brother Freddie.

"Benny settled in really well and has been amazing, sleeping, eating and just follows the lead of our other Schnauzer Freddie," Benny Mum said.

"They have become amazing friends and he has settled in like he has always had him."

With over 17,000 pets like Benny coming into RSPCA Queensland annually, For the Love of Pets is not to be missed.

Tune in at 7:30pm Friday November 24 to watch their incredible stories.

Missed an episode? Catch up on 9Now.

Jacobbe McBride
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