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Animals Animal Welfare Cats Dogs Foster Volunteering Posted May 19, 2021
Can you help a dog or cat at your home post-surgery? We’re looking for ‘Unicorn’ Foster Carers to help!

Can you help a dog or cat at your home post-surgery? We’re looking for ‘Unicorn’ Foster Carers to help!

Right now we have many dogs (and some cats) requiring foster caring at your home after they recover from surgery. If you have space and some time free, please Apply to become an RSPCA Foster Carer here.

While some of our dogs and cats will require crate rest and gentle activity while they recover from leg and other surgeries, others require regular walks to ensure their muscles keep active and don’t deteriorate.   

Beautiful Nakita here is a five-year-old bull terrier urgently looking for a foster home. She was picked up by our Animal Ambulance in a bad way last month. Sadly, no one came forward to reclaim her.

pets need foster homes post operation rspca

She had a very painful leg injury and needed urgent treatment in our veterinary hospital. X-rays revealed multiple fractures of her tibia and fibula (her bones between her knee and ankle). Poor Nakita underwent a tricky operation to allow her fragments of bone to heal. She has been recovering well at the RSPCA but is currently looking for a foster carer that can welcome her into their home while she continues her recovery.

Nakita just requires some crate rest and short leash walks in her temporary foster home while she overcomes her leg injury.

foster carers needed rspca queensland special post surgery pets

Foster carers play a vital role in helping animals in need recover post-surgery to ensure they can go on to find a loving home. It’s not difficult to care for these special needs pets, but it does require a very special ‘Unicorn’ Foster Carer to help them on their way!

In a few more weeks, Nakita will have x-rays to monitor her recovery and slowly increase her exercise while she continues to heal.

If you can help Nakita in your home, or a similar dog or cat in need of post-operative care…

Apply to become an RSPCA Foster Carer here.  

If you’ve already applied to foster an RSPCA animal and are waiting to be paired with the right pet, please get in touch with our team via [email protected]. No computer access? No worries! Just call 07 3426 9999 to chat to us.

Every day foster carers are helping to change the lives of animals in need. Can you help?

Emma Lagoon
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