Cyclone Evacuation

Posted May 19, 2021
Over 100 animals have been evacuated from RSPCA Qld’s Townsville Animal Care Campus and over 70 from its Mackay Adoption Centre.
We have approximately 160 dogs remaining in the Townsville Centre and they’ve made as secure and safe as possible. All the cats and dogs housed in the older wooden buildings have been evacuated. The willingness of the public to help has been quite overwhelming. Our shelter staff and volunteers want to say a huge “thank you!”

RSPCA Qld would like to once again remind people about the need to cater for their pets in their emergency plans.
  • Properly identify your pets (eg name tags, microchip or band)
  • Be aware that some evacuation centres may not accept animals so plan alternatives accordingly
  • If moving animals to a safer place, do so early to avoid unnecessary risk
  • Ensure there is access to plenty of food and water
  • If staying at home secure animals in good time so that they do not take flight

If you have to leave pets behind:
  • If possible, leave your pets indoors
  • Place pets in separate rooms with small or preferably no windows (eg laundry, bathroom)
  • Provide adequate food and water in large heavy bowls
  • If left outside, do not tie them up

Are you Cyclone Ready? 

Michael Beatty
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