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Adopt a Pet Promotion Posted May 19, 2021
Find the purrrfect match and adopt for just $50, help Townsville clear their shelter

Our tender with Townsville City Council Pound comes to a close in a couple of weeks. Read more here.

So from Saturday April 14 – 21 we will be reducing all RSPCA Adoption Fees for our pets at Townsville to help them find a home before we close.

You can adopt a dog, cat, puppy or kitten from Townsville RSPCA for just $50*. Any smaller pets and livestock will remain at their same adoption fees.

Thank you to all of our incredible staff and volunteers that have run the Townsville shelter for so many years. Your dedication to saving lives has been incredible. If you’ve adopted a Townsville RSPCA pet, stay in touch here and use #myrspcapet on Instagram.

Emma Lagoon
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