Mice a' Plenty

Mice Adopt a Pet Posted May 19, 2021
Mice have taken over our RSPCA Brisbane Animal Care Centre, with over 150 in care due to a recent Inspector raid these little fluff balls are urgently needing homes.
Does your family have a history of adopting pets?

The 30 second cinema advert shows a young boy and his dog moving back through the years to when the dog was adopted as a young puppy.

Superstars seen in the clip included Yola (the adult cattle dog cross) who was adopted from our Noosa RSPCA. The young pup used in the clip was adopted not long after filming too.

Jacqui Vial creative production coordinator from RSPCA Qld said the charity’s first collaboration with Griffith Film School had been a “fantastic experience”.

“The students really managed to capture the message that animals are something that come into a family for life, and that they grow up with you,” she said.

We are a charity, so we don’t have a huge budget for advertising so it’s great to see these young filmmakers who want to give back and help us get the word out.”

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