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Pet Care Magazine The Biscuit Pet Health Wildlife Pets Posted May 19, 2021
RSPCA Qld’s newest magazine is full of stories and information for all animal lovers and pet owners. Think of this blog as an entrée to The Biscuit!
We launched The Biscuit at the beginning of this year and Issue 1 brought together triumphant stories, important pet-owning information, and fascinating insights into wildlife and conservation. 

Issue 2 of The Biscuit is now available, and we’ve got even more stories to tell. This time, our feature explores the life of the elusive Bilby, and we have information on toxic plants for cats, puppy farms, and the benefits of pet ownership for kids. 

Just like Issue 1, we bust some myths: this time, the myths surrounding de-sexing of your pet. And top it all off for the cat lovers, there’s a highly-amusing excerpt from the diary of Megsy the cat that you just can’t miss!

In fact, every issue there’s plenty of stories you won’t want to miss. The Biscuit gives a unique insight into the world of animals and pets, as well as a glimpse into the work of our invaluable RSPCA staff. 

There’s interesting news about the animal kingdom, we’ll keep you informed and there’s always a special feature - Issue 2’s special feature covers cruelty-free cosmetics and there’s something in the Biscuit for the kids too: cool facts, easy tips for owning a pet, and a fun activity page.

One of The Biscuit’s best features is the practical advice we give to those who couldn’t live without their pet. Our latest issue has a three page article on renting with pets (anyone who’s tried to rent knows just how much of a problem that can be) as well as a heartfelt article on getting through that sad time when your pet passes away.

At the RSPCA, we’re committed to educating everyone about the animals that we share our lives with, because we believe that the most effective and powerful way to change the way people treat animals is through education. Reaching individuals through The Biscuit is one way we hope to continue this process.

The Biscuit is a quarterly magazine, and if you subscribe for 1 year (4 editions) the first issue is on us, for just $17.85 (with free postage). 100% of The Biscuit’s profits go back to RSPCA Queensland to help over 50,000 animals that are in our care.

Head over to to request a subscription! We don’t yet have online payments, but our friendly staff and volunteers will help to make the subscription process very easy.

Sam Morris
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