This Christmas give a pet a second chance!

Rescue Dogs Cats Christmas Adopt a Pet Posted May 19, 2021
RSPCA Qld is asking people to give unwanted pets a second chance this Christmas and visit an RSPCA Shelter as the first port of call before buying a family pet.

“Shop with compassion, but never buy someone a pet as a surprise Christmas present,” said RSPCA Qld spokesperson Michael Beatty.” Please don’t buy un- de-sexed pets from pet shops, markets, newspapers or online and make certain the whole family is involved in the choosing of the pet.”

“If the children are not up to the responsibility then it’s preferable to give them socks or jocks, rather than Sox or Jock."

This Christmas RSPCA staff and volunteers will spend Christmas caring for hundreds of unwanted and abandoned domestic animals and injured native species. (Five years ago RSPCA Qld’s Wacol Wildlife Hospital was dealing with 8,500 animals and birds, this year it’s been over 23,000)

“All animals need permanent, happy homes where their owners have made a decision to commit to that animal for the term of its natural life.”

“In fact if people have decided to add a pet to the family, giving a shelter pet embodies the spirit of Christmas. A new family pet could make this Christmas one to remember and bring the family joy for many years to come. Plus of course holidays can be the ideal bonding time.” 

“We suggest people visit an RSPCA shelter and make a lasting difference, not only for this Christmas but all through the year.”

Michael Beatty
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