New homes, animal surgeries and happy tails: All coming up on Episode five

Animals Animal Welfare Cats Dogs Posted Dec 14, 2023
Episode five of the family favourite animal docuseries For the Love of Pets is nearly upon us! here is your sneak peek of what's to come this week.

You will join the action with RSPCA taking in 100 Chihuahuas from a retiring breeder. Having found homes for 98 of them, the final two Layla and Sigid are incredibly timid. Its going to take all the skills, love and patience of RSPCA's Behaviour and Adoption teams to get them ready for their furever homes.

Meanwhile, both the Veterinary and Adoption teams have their hands full with two cats and a one-year-old Shar Pei, which was once considered to be a very rare breed of dog.

The cats, Hazel and Earl Grey, were found dumped at a construction site before being rescued and brought into RSPCA Queensland. Will this beautiful pair be able to stay together and find a new furever home?

While Hank the Shar Pei proves to be quite the handful for the RSPCA teams, given his young age and free spirit. But to continue living his best life, he will need both surgical treatment and behavioural training before he can be rehomed.

Remember the gorgeous Cavoodle puppy named Mace from episode four of For the Love of Pets? Despite it taking a little longer than expected for the playful pup to find his furever home, he has well and truly settled in with Robert and Gena.

Now known as Rusty, he loves his new backyard and all the chew toys that come with it. The first night in his new home, Rusty found the perfect sleeping spot was right between his new mum and dad! He has even attended Robert's work for a lunchtime playdate and was well behaved while being groomed for the first time. He now spends his days chilling in his new anti-anxiety bed.

For the Love of Pets Episode 5 airs on Channel 9 on Friday at 7:30pm or catch up on 9Now.

Jacobbe McBride
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