Cat thrown over a fence ready for a home

Pet Care Rescue Cats Posted May 19, 2021
Update on Marcello the cat that went viral on April 29, when a video of a young man hurling him over a fence was posted on social media.

The distressing video shows this man and his friends laughing as the cat smashes into the exterior brick wall of the neighbouring house.

RSPCA Queensland was quick on the case, appealing to the public for information to help identify the assailant. Thanks to public help, the following day the man was identified as nineteen-year-old Samuel Conroy from Ipswich, and Marcello was seized and admitted into RSPCA care.

Timid and in pain, his initial assessment included X-rays to assess Marcello’s condition. He was diagnosed with soft tissue bruising, stress due to his treatment, and cat-flu.

Treatment begun, but unfortunately Marcello’s plight was not yet over.

Over the following two months, Marcello visited the vet 27 times and was treated for three bouts of stress-induced cat flu. The 3rd relapse included a consequent severe eye infection. After initial treatment efforts were unsuccessful, surgery was required to remove his infected eye.

One eye down, but finally healthy and having recovered from surgery, Marcello’s bright and happy demeanour now shines through.

Marcello the cat that was thrown over the fence is looking for a home

Justice has been served, with Mr Conroy pleading guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to animal cruelty, and publicly apologising for his behaviour. Mr Conroy was ordered to pay $1,100, banned from owning a pet for five years, and sentenced to 12 months’ probation and 120 hours of community service.

Now, Marcello the cat is ready to move on with his life. Just over one year old, he’s currently enjoying time with a loving foster family while he waits for his forever home. If your home is pretty easy going, Marcello may fit right in! You can view his adoption profile here and arrange a meet and greet!

Shelly Mills
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