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Animal Welfare Rescue RSPCA Inspectors Posted May 19, 2021
On January 16 the lives of 91 animals would change.

In January 2017, RSPCA Inspectors and detectives from the Goondiwindi Criminal Investigation Branch raided an alleged puppy farm in Glenarbon. You can read more about the seizures here  and what happened at the farm here. Initially  27 of these pets were signed over by their owner to the RSPCA for rehoming.

As of the 22nd March 2017, the owner of a Glenarbon property was charged with a record 215 animal welfare related offences and has been summonsed to appear at Goondiwindi Magistrates Court in May.

The animals from the alleged puppy farm were recently forfeited to the RSPCA and over fifty have now been rehomed. However, as you can imagine, costs have reached well over $100,000 to care for and rehabilitate these pets.

Thank you to everyone who has donated directly to these animals over the past few months. If you'd like to contribute to the ongoing care of the remaining pets, please text HELP To 1997 6484 to donate $5 today.

Ts and Cs: $5 donation will appear on your mobile bill. This donation is available on eligible plans, except Optus prepaid. We may keep you updated by phone/SMS. Opt out? 1300 777 221 or visit our website.

Harsher Penalties

Do you think there should be harsher penalties in place for these types of offenders?

Michael Beatty
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