Episode Six: For the Love of Pets

Animals Animal Welfare Cats Dogs Posted Dec 21, 2023
The latest, gripping episode of For the Love of Pets is upon us… what to expect when you tune in Friday on Channel 9.

In this episode of For the Love of Pets, a stray cat is rushed into RSPCA care with a worrying lump on his head. A nasty infection seems to be the main culprit and it’s so big that he can’t even blink his eyes.

You’ll watch our veterinary nurses urgently prep the ginger tom, nicknamed ‘Helmut’, for surgery. His injury will require a great deal of perseverance by our vets to get him healthy and ready for adoption. Watch his incredible journey and transformation in RSPCA care.

Meanwhile, our Brisbane shelter teams welcome new arrivals from two of our regional shelters.

First to arrive from Gympie is a very cute, but very matted bundle of white curls, Jimmy the one-year-old Maltese cross. Although Jimmy appears to be in reasonably good health, the questions remains… what is his tangled coat hiding underneath?

Next to arrive is from the town of Kingaroy - a bundle of pure energy who goes by the name Pugsley. Watch as he proves to be quite the handful for our Adoptions team when it comes to finding his perfect match. There is no shortage of suitors, however, this demanding little guy is going to need a special type of ‘furever’ home.

If you’ve been keeping up, in episode five of For the Love of Pets we brought you the amazing story of feline duo, Earl Grey and Hazel. They were rescued and brought into care having been found dumped at a construction site. Despite initial concerns the pair would be separated upon being adopted, that was thankfully not the case! These adorable felines are now living their best lives after being adopted together and have never been happier.

Their new owner, Jared, said they could regularly be found either lounging around or chasing each other, or on occasion, a trespassing fly that managed to sneak into the house.

Hazel’s party trick is that she knows how to knock on doors if you have not woken up on her schedule while Earl Grey on occasion sings in the early hours of the morning and chats with the neighbourly cats who visit the back door.

For the Love of Pets Episode 6 airs on Channel 9 on Friday at 7.30pm, or catch up on 9Now.

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Jacobbe McBride
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