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All donations to RSPCA doubled on Thursday October 5 to help Give to Get them Home! See the animal duos you're helping...

This Thursday, October 5, 2023 is Give to Get them Home - our annual RSPCA fundraiser where your donations will be doubled across Australia thanks to generous sponsors Royal Canin, Elanco and Peter Alexander. Some of our wonderful major donors will also be matching your contribution... no matter how big or small!

Whether you give $5 or $5,000, you'll be doubling your impact and directly helping 1,000 RSPCA animals find their forever homes! Animals like Neptune and Sadie...

Neptune's Happy Ever After

Beautiful Neptune is a one-year-old Australian Shepherd cross Koolie who recently found his forever home. This special boy is deaf, so needed to find an extra special home with a family that could understand his needs. That's when his loving new owners came along, with fellow RSPCA adopted dog, Sadie too!

Neptune (left). Sadie and Neptune (right)

Sadie the 6-year-old Wolfhound also has a hearing impairment, so her owners knew they could welcome another special dog into their hearts with Neptune. It was a match made in heaven for this dynamic duo who are now living the best life!

By donating this Thursday, you're also helping to ensure dogs like Honey and Teddy get the veterinary treatment they need...

Honey and Teddy's Second Chance

Honey and Teddy are two little Maltese terriers who found themselves in need of urgent veterinary treatment. Surrendered to the RSPCA, Teddy had bilateral microphthalmia which means both of his eyes were tiny, non-functional, and recessed within their sockets. It is highly unlikely he had ever been able to see, and quite likely he was born like this. Our RSPCA vets removed both of his eyes so he was comfortable and didn’t suffer from any irritation or chronic discharge.

Little Honey also had one eye that was microphthalmic and one eye that was suffering a chronic mature cataract. Sadly, she too had no eyesight. Our vets also removed both of Honey’s eyes to prevent further issues down the track.

Honey and Teddy received months of veterinary care and rehabilitation at the RSPCA and despite their challenging situation being completely blind, they were both happily adopted with new owner Christine. She says, "They are winning hearts all over the neighbourhood."

Let's Give to Get them Home!

At the RSPCA, we rely heavily on donations from people like you - that's 96% of our funding!

Your generosity helps us find homes for animals like Neptune, Sadie, Honey and Teddy... and enables us to provide lifesaving treatment too. All funds raised in our Give to Get them Home appeal will go directly towards rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming the animals that turn to the RSPCA in their time of need.

On average, it costs us $600 to help care for an animal while they wait for a new home, so whether it's big or small, your donation can make a significant difference to the lives of animals.

Will you be one of our incredible Queenslanders giving to get them home? Donate here.

Emma Lagoon
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