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Pet Care Posted May 19, 2021
Biosecurity impacts everyone, so give your feedback to help set the future direction of biosecurity in Queensland.

You can now have your say on the draft Queensland Biosecurity Strategy: 2017-2022 to help set the future direction for biosecurity in Queensland. 

Your feedback will help determine whether the draft strategy reflects industry and the community’s vision for biosecurity over the next five years.

Biosecurity measures protect our lifestyle, environment and economy so it’s important that industry and the broader community can provide input and feedback on the areas of focus in the draft strategy.

The draft strategy outlines six key areas of focus:

  • Collaborative governance and leadership – creating a partnership between government, industry and the community to improve joint decision making about biosecurity
  • Every Queenslander plays their part – effecting change by improving community awareness of good biosecurity, using partnership and behavioural science 
  • Empowered to act – ensuring Queenslanders have the right skills, information and tools and are given the capacity to take up their role in the biosecurity system 
  • Bright ideas and better ways – new processes, services, products and technologies must be adopted for Queensland to remain at the forefront of emerging and rising trends and risks
  • Valuing and building on our investments – making better use of our existing resources and encouraging participation by demonstrating the value of good biosecurity
  • Better intelligence systems – improving our predictive and analytic capability and ensuring our systems are optimised for sharing information across the system

This is a first step towards more detailed action planning about how government, industry and the community will work together to prioritise biosecurity in Queensland. 

The draft Queensland Biosecurity Strategy: 2017-2022 is a joint government, industry and stakeholder initiative. Visit to have your say before 5pm,14th July 2017. For more information visit Biosecurity Queensland or contact .

Dr Mandy Paterson
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