RSPCA QLD believes pets and people belong together. The emotional, mental and physical benefits of the relationships between people and pets highlights the importance of proactive community outreach.

We all love our pets, but sometimes people need extra support to care for their animals. Illness, lack of accessible veterinary care, low income, a shortage of pet-friendly housing, and lack of pet ownership education can result in even the most devoted pet owner having to relinquish their beloved pet.

Through community activations and animal assistance programs we offer various pet services and resources including food, vaccination, microchipping and desexing.  Means-testing ensures valuable veterinary medical resources are provided to the people who require it the most.

In addition to our animal care and husbandry services the community outreach team also offers education opportunities that increase community awareness about the importance of desexing and other aspects of socially responsible pet ownership. Our qualified educators provide sessions for early learning centres, schools, local community groups and human services agencies.

Keeping pets and people together is often the best outcome for the pets, their owners, and the community. Strong bonds between people and their pets make for stronger communities. We're here to help so that together we can change lives.

Need Our Help?

To find out more about our programs or to speak to one of our staff about your organisation and how we may be able to assist, please email our RSPCA QLD Community Outreach team at [email protected] or complete our online enquiry form.

Interested in Joining Our Proactive Team

We are unable to achieve great animal outcomes without the support of the community. If you are interested in becoming a part of a team of passionate people making a proactive and positive difference in the community, either visiting education centres or at our community activations, please click here to view available volunteer positions.

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