Dietary Choices - What is the RSPCA's position?

RSPCA respects the dietary choices of individuals, from people who choose to consume humanely produced meat or other animal products, to individuals who choose to abstain from meat or animal products. The RSPCA is not affiliated with a specific dietary consumption choice.

RSPCA believes that animals should be treated humanely. Animals are sentient beings and deserve care that is marked by empathy, consideration and compassion.

We acknowledge that one way of reducing the suffering of animals in livestock production systems is by ensuring that the conditions under which those animals live meet their physical and behavioural needs. The RSPCA believes we can help improve how farm animals are treated by getting involved in pushing for higher production standards along the supply chain.

Consumers are driving the change for intensively farmed animals in inhumane farming systems. The RSPCA encourages people to make the most humane choices available by choosing to consume meat, eggs, milk and other animal products from higher welfare production systems or choosing to abstain from animal products or by-products.

Choose Wisely

By buying eggs, chicken and pork that have been produced humanely and choosing to eat at cafes and restaurants that do the same, you can make a difference to farm animal welfare.

Check out our Choose Wisely website to find an ethical place to eat near you.

Shop Humane

The choices you make at the supermarket have a huge impact on the lives of animals.

Humane food is defined as animal welfare friendly. Standards on humane or higher welfare farms are higher than those in conventional systems and those required by law.

The RSPCA works closely with farmers to make a positive impact on the lives of farm production animals by providing a positive environment that meets their behavioural and physiological needs. The RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme is dedicated to improving the welfare of Australia’s farm animals.

Find out how you can Shop Humane.

Food Labelling

Do you know what terms like "free-range", "bred free-range", or "grain-fed" really mean? Labelling of food products should be clear and unambiguous so ethical and humane consumers can make an informed choice at the check-out.

To learn more about food labelling, please visit the RSPCA Australia website.