Saffy didn’t know how bad her mum had it. Found wandering the streets by Council and taken to a local vet, Ava was malnourished and about to give birth.


Prior to Ava being found on the street, her previous owners were visited by RSPCA Inspectors following reported animal welfare concerns. Inspectors educated and advised her owners on how best to care for her, but sadly the situation didn’t improve for Ava.


Ava had an array of medical issues when she was found. Not only did she have a belly full of puppies, she had a tummy full of worms and was anaemic. Vets confirmed she had not been fed enough to cater to her pregnancy.  All Ava needed was to be fed, wormed and taken to a vet.


Ava was seized by the RSPCA so she could be treated, properly cared for and put through the rehoming process. Ava gave birth to Saffy and 9 other puppies. Sadly one did not survive.


A year on, Saffy is the last of her littermates looking for a furever home. She started her journey in loving foster homes, but now she wants somewhere permanent to call her own.


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Due to court proceedings with any Inspectorate case, pets like Ava and Saffy aren’t always able to be rehomed until cases are finalised. Ava's owner refused to sign her or Saffy and her littermates over to RSPCA care. This means that animals can stay in our care for months and sometimes even years as court proceedings continue despite what is best for the animals’ welfare!


By supporting RSPCA Cupcake Day, vital funds raised ensure that we can continue to care for animals when they need us the most.


RSPCA Queensland is 99% funded by you, any support you can provide, is greatly appreciated.