When Ruby was found on a property in a terrible state at the beginning of 2015, RSPCA Qld sought to ensure that her owners were fittingly prosecuted for her neglect. 

Found in a terrible state, tied up and abandoned with another puppy for seven days she was emaciated and extremely unwell. Her condition was so bad it was unclear what exact dog breed she was. 

Ruby's original owners were charged with offences under the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 for failing to provide appropriate food to Ruby and failing to treat her emaciated state and other medical conditions. Her owners were subsequently fined and prohibited from owning animals for the next three years. 

With expert veterinary care and fighting spirit, Ruby made a full recovery and was adopted into a doting family. As Ruby's growth was initially so stunted she was adopted as an Italian Greyhound Mix. Her new family arranged for a DNA test which showed her as a mix of Boxer, Border Collie and Australian Koolie! 

Pets like Ruby come into the RSPCA's care daily and with events like Million Paws Walk helps the public like you show your support and help fundraise to fight animal cruelty. 

Million Paws Walk is on Sunday 21st May 2017 and happening at a spot near you - get involved!