• My Girl during her stay at the RSPCA

  • My Girl off to her furever home

Every pet has a story. This is My Girl’s. 
RSPCA customer service officer Megan explains just how much she has left a lasting impact.

"Her name is 'My Girl' and she is no ordinary dog!”

“My Girl came to us in April on a late Tuesday night by an owner who had bought her on a website – 2 weeks ago without really thinking about the responsibilities of being a pet owner.  My Girl was meant to be a gift but, the person didn’t want a dog. They brought her in and she was terrified. She was shaking and her tail was tucked right under, her ears back, and all you could see was hope in her eyes. This hope was for a better chance of life. We took her in straight away.”

“During the process of surrendering, the owners refused to pay the surrender fee telling me that we owed them money for giving us a free dog. It was in that statement there that I knew that no matter what happened to My Girl she was better with us.”

“The next day I visited her and she was still extremely unsure with what was going on, but she knew she was safe. I sat down in her pen for at least 40 minutes of my lunchtime and this became a daily routine. Every day she became a little more confident, a little stronger, her tail started to raise and the shaking stopped. Now it was time for her behaviour assessment and not long after it, news broke to me that she didn't pass it due to her being so fearful of things. However, they would review her in hopes to work on this with her. So I waited, checking every hour daily until one day I checked her file and it said she had passed! I was beyond myself with excitement! I knew this meant she was getting better and that she would be up for adoption soon.”

“Then came Monday 6/6/16 where tears were brought to my eyes when I saw that this amazing girl had done it! She made it up for adoption. She was becoming stronger daily, her tail was waggling and I knew that my job was almost done. I told myself that I could let her go now and that she would make someone's life whole. However, I continued my daily visits and each time, greeted with a lick and a tail wag.”

“Then came Friday 10/6/16 and I saw she was adopted and unfortunately, I was unable to say goodbye. So, I reached out to the lovely lady that adopted this beautiful girl and she sent me some photos. This amazing dog honestly deserves the world and I said from day one to everyone that I met that she will change lives. Little did I know my life would be one of them!”

“From the fear in her eyes to how happy she is now reminds me why this job is so worth it!"

Pets are for life. If you can help pets like My Girl, please choose to adopt a pet. Don't forget to read the RSPCA's Smart Puppy Buyer's Guide to help make an informed choice when buying a dog.