Kiba the English Staffy cross Kelpie has definitely shown how lovabull 'Bull' type breeds can be and her human pawrents want to tell the world. 

At only 8 weeks old, Kiba started to learn all the basic commands and loved doing them in exchange for treats of course! 

From this young age Kiba has got used to iPhone selfies and photos, one of the main reasons her life is being documented is because her owners want to create awareness about how adorable Bully breeds are.

A few months ago on Instagram, a dog walking company in Canada decided to use one of Kiba's photos without permission in relation to dogs at dog parks. It showed a picture of Kiba playing  with another dog called Chucho, an American Staffy cross Bulldog at a local dog park. 

The caption promoted their dog walking business mentioning that they will not take their dogs to the dog park because they don't know how other dogs are going to behave - which is fair to say however, using a picture of Kiba playing with another Staffy doesn't match their caption.

Kiba's owners felt it unfairly creates this illusion that dogs like Kiba and Chucho are dangerous dogs at dogs park which couldn't be further from the truth. 

After support from the Dog Community, the company was asked to remove the photo. 

"Our lives has been forever changed for the better ever since Kiba came along."
"Kiba definitely has a better social life that us! She brings so much joy and happiness into our lives" 

You can follow Kiba's journey on Instagram @ourdogkiba