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RSPCA AWARE (Animal Wellbeing: Awareness, Responsibility and Education) is a free educational platform paving the way in Animal Welfare education nationally! As the state’s leading Animal Welfare charity, RSPCA believes that a focus on prevention of cruelty starts with education and community engagement. RSPCA AWARE does just that.

RSPCA AWARE Teacher’s Portal is designed for primary and middle school teachers looking for engaging innovative resources. Providing real world, meaningful contexts for teaching and learning, these downloadable units and resource materials are specifically tailored to align with the Australian National curriculum.

Students will gain age appropriate, real life knowledge to develop empathy, compassion, respect, and responsibility for the lives of all living things, nurturing students to become animal advocates. 

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Why Teach Animal Welfare to Children? 

Animals have a significant presence in society whether it be within our own homes or surrounding environments. Between 2021-2022 RSPCA reported the following:

  • RSPCA Qld cared for more than 45,000 domestic and wild animals
  • RSPCA Qld inspectors investigated over 15,000 animal welfare complaints

To help break the cycle of animal cruelty, we believe Animal Welfare education must be a key focus in the lives of our young people.

RSPCA AWARE Links to the Australian National Curriculum! To find out more contact our Education Office on 07 3258 5616 or [email protected].

Success within the classroom!

  • 100% of teachers felt that the Units of Learning were engaging for their students, with teachers explaining that everyone was keen to partake.
  • 100% of teachers stated that the Units of Learning were well aligned to the Australian Curriculum.
  • 94% of teachers felt that the Units of Learning provided sufficient detail for effective teaching and learning. One teacher explained that everything was planned out with amazing detail.

What engages your students? AWARE offers full Units of Learning including resource materials - Pick and choose what works best for your classroom!


To further engage your school or classroom we have exciting fundraising opportunities for your students!