RSPCA Queensland are excited to invite you behind the scenes to experience what happens at RSPCA Qld through one of our group excursions.

Our tour will take you through our adoption area, wildlife and domestic animal hospitals, where you will receive an overview and history of RSPCA. You can also choose to add an RSPCA talk as an extra.

While on campus you may want to stop by our Black Cat Café, shop at RSPCA World for Pets or find at bargain at our RSPCA Op Shop, all proceeds go towards the support and care of the animals at RSPCA Queensland.


  • Are excursions available at all RSPCA shelters? 
  • Unfortunately, our excursions are only available at our Wacol campus. We hope to provide opportunities at regional shelters across Queensland as resources become available, so please check back soon. Alternatively, you may want to book a virtual tour and/or talk.
  • Are excursions available on weekends?
  • No, unfortunately we can only accommodate excursions Monday to Friday.
  • What is the maximum group size?
  • Minimum group size: 12 participants
    Maximum group size: 24 participants
    Larger groups can be accommodated given time to organise additional guides.
  • What is the cost of an excursion?
  • Shelter tour only: $100.00 + GST per group up to 12
    Shelter tour and talk: $150.00 + GST per group up to 12
  • I want to add a shelter talk, what's available?
  • We can arrange guest speakers (shelter staff) to talk about the following topics:
    - RSPCA Overview: Peek into all areas of RSPCA and what we do
    - Inspectorate: Behind the badge
    - Rescue and Wildlife: Explore the amazing work of our ambulance officers
    - Vet Services: Speak to our community vet and explore shelter medicine
    - Kids and Pets: Keeping kids and pets safe, together
  • How long do the excursions go for?
  • Shelter tour only: 60 minutes
    Shelter tour and talk: 90 minutes

Interested in booking an excursion? Please register online.