At RSPCA Queensland we receive thousands of calls a day about animals in need of rescue. Without the support of our incredible volunteers we couldn’t help the more than 27,000 wildlife rescued, rehabilitated and released every year.

You can help our native wildlife by volunteering in a range of areas and opportunities to suit your lifestyle by giving up just 4hrs of your time each week. Join the team in areas including:

  • Become a Rescue Unit Driver
  • Become a RSPCA Wildlife Responder providing ad hoc transport and rescue jobs in your local area
  • Volunteer in the Wildlife Hospital
  • Support with laundry duties on-site
  • Take rescue calls in the 24/7 Call Centre

Do you want to make a difference to your local wildlife?

Sign up to rescue sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife in your local area.

  • Receive training and support on how to rescue and transport wildlife
  • Help wildlife by transporting already contained animals or help with easy containment rescues on wildlife that you feel comfortable handling
  • Attend call outs in your local area (anywhere in Queensland)
  • Only receive alerts on days and times that work for you

Suitable for any lifestyle or knowledge level, if you care for Wildlife register your interest or email [email protected] today.