At the RSPCA School for Pets, our services are guided by a commitment to ensure that:

  • Animals thrive in their homes by instilling a deep understanding and bond between our clients and their animals that lasts a lifetime;
  • Clients have the tools and knowledge to teach their animals what is expected of them in all situations.

The RSPCA School for Pets at Aspley Special School fills the gap many dog owners experience after their puppy preschool class, and is based on a proven positive reinforcement methodology, and guided by the RSPCA five freedoms for animals.

We offer group dog training classes that cater for all dogs, from 8 weeks of age onwards. By keeping our classes small (max 6 dogs) we cater for individual attention. Classes are fun based and family oriented, helping you to teach your animals the good manners and behaviours they will need to live harmoniously with your family.

The RSPCA School for Pets program was developed to ensure that there are fewer animals surrendered to the RSPCA and local pounds each year, and to ensure that every dog has the opportunity to live happily in the wider community.