Every year, RSPCA Queensland treats around 56,000 animals. Each animal we see has its own individual story; some happy, many are sad and unfortunately, some are cruel. 

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RSPCA can treat the injuries, provide time to heal and to enforce the law against cruelty towards animals but we need your help to ensure we can do this.

We recently received a report of a cat which had been hit by a car, worryingly, its owners had decided not to take it for treatment. The report went on claim that after a few weeks, as the animal’s health had declined, the owners cut off the poor cat’s injured leg!

Our Inspectorate Team went to investigate and found the animal covered in dirt at the back of a filthy dog kennel. The report was true. The poor cat, named Oscar was very frail and was missing a front leg.

You will be please to know we seized Oscar immediately and took him for treatment. His health was terrible; covered in filth, underweight and with matted fur. Oscar had a dislocated shoulder and was lethargic. Our vet had to remove the remains of the severed leg as it was rotting, which could have caused sepsis and killed the poor cat.

This act or barbarity could not go without consequence. So, our team took action to enforce animal cruelty laws and prosecuted the owners.  They were found guilty and received a $6,000 fine and a three-month suspended jail sentence. This was justice for Oscar.

Thankfully Oscar pulled through and he found a loving new owner. It was only thanks to your support that RSPCA can be there to treat injuries, provide time to heal and to also enforce animal cruelty laws. We receive less than 2% of our income from the government, so we must rely on you to help more abused and neglected animals like Oscar.

If you can, please give a donation today so we can help more animals today. 

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