RSPCA Qld will launch “virtual adoptions” across Queensland today!. (Although don’t worry you’ll still be taking home a real animal!)

As from Monday April 20th all animal adoption enquiries will be conducted by phone or online, using Zoom virtual meeting technology

Potential adopters will be able to search all animals available for adoption and if they see an animal that takes their fancy they can fill in an “expression of interest” form. They will then take part in an interview either by phone or Zoom and if they’re still interested the RSPCA will show them an especially created video of the animal so they can make a final decision.

 “Obviously nothing beats face to face contact but we believe this will give potential adopters a real opportunity to get to know the animal,” said RSPCA Qld spokesperson Michael Beatty.” If everyone is happy then the adopters will come to the Care Centre to pick up their future pet for life.”

RSPCA staff and volunteers have been clearing a backlog of adoption requests before deciding to re-launch. The charity also had over 3,000 people expressing interest to become foster carers in just four days.

“These are still being processed and we’re incredibly grateful. But, as you can imagine, we certainly don’t need any more foster carers at the moment."

Mr Beatty also urged people not to forget the RSPCA in these times of need.

“As you can imagine the majority of the RSPCA’s work is “hands on”.  So although a small number of our staff can work from home, for our Inspectors, veterinarians and animal attendants there are major challenges ahead. 

But there are some positives.

“In these uncertain times I think people realise just how much comfort animals bring to our lives. In times of stress they help us to remain calm. More and more these days we see animals being used in all forms of therapy and the benefits they bring are almost immeasurable.”