RSPCA Qld is being forced to consider the very real possibility that it may be forced into lockdown. This would mean that all Care Centres throughout Queensland would not be able to accept incoming animals and this may include wildlife. In the United Kingdom, the Government has ordered all RSPCA Centres to close although the animals remaining onsite are still being cared for.

“As you can imagine we’d like to get as many animals as possible out into the community,” said RSPCA Qld Michael Beatty. “We’re still doing adoptions by appointment and 240 people have signed up to become foster carers which is fantastic.”

Even if there is a lockdown to members of the public, it’s likely that other operations such as the Inspectorate and animal ambulances may still continue to operate.

“Please don’t forget the RSPCA in these times of need. Our Op shops and World for Pets stores may have to close cutting desperately needed revenue.”

 “As you can imagine the majority of the RSPCA’s work is hands on, so although a small number of our staff can work from home, for our Inspectors, veterinarians and animal attendants it will be business as usual. With a lockdown no volunteers are allowed onsite so they’ll be desperately missed.”

But there are some positives.

“In these uncertain times I think people realise just how much comfort animals bring to our lives. In times of stress they help us to remain calm. More and more these days we see animals being used in all forms of therapy and the benefits they bring are almost immeasurable.”

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