RSPCA Inspectors are calling on the community for information to help find who is responsible for leaving Honey the Shetland sheepdog for dead.

Honey was found dumped at the Devine Court Sports Grounds Morayfield off Buchanan Road, Morayfield. It’s believed she was left there between 9pm Wednesday 23 November and 7am Thursday 24 November. 

On the morning of Thursday 24 November, Honey was found by two gardeners. She was behind the toilet block of the complex where she had dragged herself out of a bundled up sheet. She was extremely matted where faeces had become attached to her fur which resulted in a maggot infestation in and on Honey. She also had a large tumour on her hind left leg. Poor Honey was still suffering.

RSPCA Inspectors were able to track down the breeder of Honey from Walloon where she started her life as a show and breeding dog, born in July 2001. She was then sold in June 2007 to a family in Everton Hills. In approximately February 2009 they advertised Honey as a giveaway dog on Gumtree. The people that collected Honey from the listing were believed to be a lady and son from Narangba. 

RSPCA Inspector Sharni Stratham laments, “I have spent countless hours staring at the computer conducting every search imaginable trying to locate any sort of image, record, or photo of Honey that may assist with the investigation.

“Hopefully we can get the word out to anyone who may have known someone who owned a Shetland sheepdog or even saw one matching Honey’s description during these years. Any information to help us track down Honey’s final moments helps.”

Anyone with information on Honey is urged to contact the RSPCA Inspectorate via 1300 264 625 or via [email protected].

Below are images of Honey in her prime years ago, where she was found and the sheet she was found in.