“The NSW Government’s announcement today represents a historic turning point in bringing to an end the Greyhound racing industry in this state,” said RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman.

“RSPCA NSW called for the Special Commission of Inquiry, and worked closely with it, providing written and oral evidence. The Special Commission conducted the most extensive investigation into the Greyhound racing industry in Australia’s history. The tireless efforts of the Commission staff, including Counsel Assisting and the Crown Solicitor, have resulted in Commissioner McHugh AC QC delivering an extensive report to the NSW Government.

“RSPCA NSW is ecstatic that the NSW Government has today announced that it will ban Greyhound racing in NSW. It is a decision that places the welfare of Greyhounds and other innocent animals who have been subjected to cruelty by this industry as the paramount consideration over and above financial interests.

“The view of Commissioner McHugh AC QC and that of the NSW Government is consistent with the RSPCA’s long-held position that there are significant and entrenched animal welfare problems inherent in the Greyhound racing industry. These include problems with oversupply, injuries, physical overexertion, inadequate housing, lack of socialisation and environmental enrichment, illegal live baiting, administration of banned or unregistered substances, export and the fate of unwanted Greyhounds with high wastage and high euthanasia rates.

“The decision of the NSW Government is a rational and forward-thinking decision that propels NSW to the forefront of animal welfare in this country. It is the hope of RSPCA NSW that other states and territories follow, and that this industry ceases to exist in Australia.”