A koala has been savaged by a dog in Petrie and has had to be euthanased due to the severity of its injuries. The attack happened at 2.30 am but the dog’s owners didn’t call the RSPCA until 7.30 am.

“It’s just so sad because it was easily preventable,” said RSPCA Qld’s Senior Wildlife Veterinarian Dr Rebecca Millers. “We’re urging everyone to keep their dogs inside at night time, particularly if they’re in koala inhabited areas. We’re also urging anyone who witnesses an attack to call 1300 ANIMAL immediately. This koala lay in pain for over five hours. If we’d got there sooner there is a chance he could have survived.”

So far this year RSPCA Qld’s Wildlife Hospital has taken in over 170 koalas and 25% of these have been the victims of dog attacks.

“This young male was about three years old and as such would have been coming into his first breeding season. He was fit and healthy and sadly that’s not common in our rapidly dwindling koala population. This is such a waste and as I said it was easily preventable.”

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