• Two of the dogs seized by RSPCA Inspectors

RSPCA Inspectors have seized dogs and puppies from a property in the North Burnett Region after receiving information about a large number of Jack Russell Terriers being neglected.

During the raid, carried out on May 1 2019, Inspectors found 22 adult dogs and five pups as well as a large number of birds and poultry living in conditions which Inspectors say can only be described as appalling.

As a result, all of the dogs and puppies as well as a galah were seized from the property and are now in the care of RSPCA.

The situation in the video above shows how the dogs were kept: with no appropriate enrichment and socialisation. Some of the dogs seized are seniors and have known this for most of their lives.

RSPCA Chief Inspector Daniel Young said the investigation is ongoing, but the the initial findings are extremely concerning.

“Sadly we are once again dealing with a property housing a large number of animals which were not receiving the standard of care they should be. With keeping such a number of animals comes a huge responsibility. Whether you have one animal or, as in this case numerous animals, you have a duty of care to ensure that they’re looked after,” he said.

“Often we see dogs in good physical condition living in environments that are far from acceptable. Caring for an animal requires more than just providing sustenance. They require socialisation, enrichment, treatment of disease or injury, and clean living conditions. Having a large volume of animals doesn’t exclude you from having to provide these basic necessities.”

RSPCA is again encouraging people who purchase dogs from breeders to ensure they do their homework. If you are purchasing an animal, it is vital you know how that animal is being kept.

It’s easy to think that the happy clean and potentially healthy puppy you see advertised must come from a suitable environment. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and the pictures and information on social media can be misleading. 

Charges are expected to be laid.

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