Evie, an eight month American Staffordshire bull terrier, was clinging to life when she arrived at RSPCA Qld’s Wacol shelter. Her back legs were so badly injured and left untreated for so long that she had been forced to drag herself around on her two front legs. It’s hard to believe the injuries she has sustained and the pain she must have endured during her short life.

Evie arrived at RSPCA QLD on Friday night as a suspected victim of cruelty that is now under investigation by the Inspectorate. Due to the extent of her injuries she was initially thought on Saturday to be too “broken” and the vets were seriously considering the kindest thing to do was put her to sleep.

But the vets discovered they were able to manage her pain and she was also able to eat which was a major step forward. The decision was made to get further advice from Dr Wendy Archipow and the team at BVSC (Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre). They were confident that they could fix her breaks; and with ongoing physio from RSPCA QLD she could hopefully have a chance at a new start in life.

The Inspectorate are confident they will lay animal cruelty charges in the near future.

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