Did you know that 4 out of 5 Australians believe that it’s important that meat, eggs and dairy products sold in Australia are farmed in a humane and ethical way?

“Shoppers wanting to cut through the confusion should choose RSPCA Approved,” said Hope Bertram, Humane Food Marketing Manager, RSPCA Australia.

This festive season, you can choose higher welfare options for your Christmas feast! Look for the RSPCA Approved label when purchasing. 

“By choosing RSPCA Approved, hens can nest, chickens can perch, turkeys can peck and pigs have space to roam.”
You can also keep an eye out for other higher welfare brands on the market here.

To find cafes and restaurants in Queensland also offering higher welfare food on the menu when you’re out and about over the break visit Choose Wisely.

Read the full release from RSPCA Australia here.