• A surviving grey teal with RSPCA rescuers Mary and Barb

RSPCA Queensland has found over 100 deceased birds at Pinkenba in the past week after responding to calls from concerned members of the public.

“Our rescue teams have been collecting dozens of deceased and sick birds from the area since Friday,” says Animal Rescue Manager Jo Jordaan.

“It’s devastating to see so many dead birds in one area.”

The two areas of concern are a drainage system along Main Beach Rd and a pond at Sandmere Rd. The water the birds have been found in and around is covered in thick algae with a strong odour.

There were at least 100 bodies of deceased birds found at the Sandmere property.

Brisbane City Council and the Department of Environment and Science have been notified for investigation.

“We don’t know what’s caused these birds to become sick and die - which is of most concern. Unfortunately, only a handful of birds that have been rescued from the area so far have survived,” says Ms Jordaan.

Poisoning cannot be ruled out and RSPCA Queensland is urging anyone in the area to be extra cautious and report any sick animals.

“We can’t be certain it’s botulism because we’ve also found deceased rats and toads in the same area as the birds,” Ms Jordaan says.

RSPCA Queensland has sent bodies of the deceased birds to Biosecurity for testing.

Most of the birds impacted have been ducks with a deceased ibis and magpie geese also found.

If you have any information or notice sick or deceased animals in the Pinkenba area, contact RSPCA on 1300 ANIMAL (264 625).