From Saturday 24th November until Sunday 2nd December all RSPCA adult cats will be just $45 to adopt.  We have hundreds of cats available to adopt right across Queensland and we hope they can find caring families in time for the festive season. 

Let’s face it, not everyone has a purr-fect, lovey-dovey relationship unlike some iconic movies. Some of our cats are the same. They don’t need to be swept of their feet with affection, kissed in the rain, or texted ‘I Love You’ a million times throughout the day. 

Many of our reserved felines have sadly been overlooked for adoption because they aren’t quick to offer up a head rub to passers-by, preferring to keep their secrets to themselves. Our level-headed felines may take more time to warm up to you, but they still have purr-sonality plus! 

So if you’re looking for companionship without the drama of The Notebook or Love Actually, adopt a Cattitude cat from the RSPCA… It’s companionship for life, without the lovey-dovey stuff.