• Thommo arrived at the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital following a vehicle collision.

  • One year and ten days later, he was successfully returned to the wild.

Spring is “trauma season” for Australian native wildlife

As the weather warms, the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital will be inundated with thousands of seriously injured, orphaned & displaced mammals, reptiles, koalas and birds; each in need of care and support. 

Due to this seasonal spike in admissions the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital is experiencing urgent need.

Can you help?

Your donation will be helping to provide much needed medical equipment, intensive nursing care, consumables, and surgical equipment to save lives.Donate now to the Koala Rescue Appeal and help support the RSPCA Queensland Wildlife Hospital this trauma season.

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Stage 1 – Surgery

Thommo was admitted to the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital on 4th May 2016 after being hit by a car on Scouts Road at Kurwongbah.

He was a young male, approximately 2 years of age and weighed 3.8kg. It is around this age that the young males will leave their family territory as they are seen to be a threat to the dominant male covering a large area in search of a place where they can establish their own “home range.” Unfortunately, during this time they are particularly vulnerable as they can find themselves crossing busy roads or back yards with dogs.

Thommo, like many of the koalas admitted to RSPCA Wildlife Hospital, sustained life-threatening injuries.

On 5th May 2016 he began the long road to recovery with the first of the multiple surgeries to repair his lacerations, monitor the abdominal haemorrhage and insert an orthopaedic plate to stabilise the fracture in his femur, he had also sustained a fractured clavicle which healed naturally over time.

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Stage 2 – Rehabilitation

Thommo was in care in at the RSPCA wildlife facility for three months where he was monitored daily during his recovery. 

He was in plaster during this time which meant regular veterinary checks including x-rays to check the healing of his fractures, cast changes and monitoring of his health. Despite having one leg in a full cast Thommo was determined to start his own form of physio and was very clever at finding unusual places to sit other than the purpose-built tree fork!

Once Thommo had progressed through his initial recovery stages, he was then transferred to one of our specialist koala rehabilitation carers, Angela, to spend time in an outdoor enclosure. This provided the next step in his recovery, once his cast had been removed it allowed him to climb and move with more freedom and once again feel the sun, wind and rain.

Thommo spent eight months with Angela in an outdoor enclosure, growing stronger and regaining full use of his leg.

This was an important part of his journey as it was during this time that he had limited human contact. Basically, his enclosure was cleaned and fresh leaves were provided daily but he needed to learn that human contact was not necessary for his survival in the wild.

On 14th April 2017, Thommo was transferred to our RSPCA Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre for the final stage of his journey. It was here that he spent a month in the large rehabilitation yard where he could climb large trees and refine his survival skills.

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Stage 3 - Release

With thanks to your support, on the 14th May 2017, after 1 year and 10 days, Thommo was finally released back into the wild. 

It was a happy day – our mission was accomplished. Now it was up to him, and the hope that he had been provided with all the preparation he needed to make it on his own.

Not all our patients are as fortunate as Thommo – it is thanks to the support of donors that RSPCA has become one of the leading trauma facilities for koalas in southeast Queensland with a team of Specialist wildlife vets & nurses on staff, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

So please, if you can, give generously to the Koala Rescue Appeal. You will be helping to safeguard the future of native wildlife, and this iconic species.

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