A great way to support RSPCA QLD is by donating items found on our wish list.

This could be anything from providing toys and food for the variety of animals that stay at our Animal Care Centres, to helping us complete a building project. Some examples of current wish list items include:


  • Agility Items for dogs (from $150) 
  • Dog and Cat enrichment toys (from $20) 
  • Laminator ($200 - $300) 
  • Display Cabinets for our Op Shops
  • Hydrobath


  • Surgical Instruments (from $40)
  • Alcohol & fragrance free baby wipes
  • Steamer ($185) x 10 
  • Various implements for Surgery (from $50) 
  • Cordless Clippers


  • Drills for surgery for Koalas
  • Infusion pumps
  • Trackers for Koala release


  • Education resources - practical kits for classroom education ($30/pack)
  • Branded armbands for participants of EMU $500


  • Water tanks for inspector vehicles ($200)
  • Air conditioning units for four ambulances


  • Camera Flashes ($100)
  • Portable backdrop ($400)


  • Sails for dog areas

The above is only an example of the many items that are included on our Wish List. Please do not hesitate to contact Diane Baartz for further information.

P: 07 3426 9916
E: dbaartz@rspcaqld.org.au