Step 1. Think about the type of gift you’d like to leave

There are several different types of gift you can leave to a charity in your Will. We’ve explained a little more about the two most common bequest options here. Percentage and residuary gifts are especially effective at sharing your estate amongst people and causes you care about, and maximising the impact of your legacy to RSPCA Queensland.

Step 2. Talk to your solicitor

Your solicitor can draw up a Will for you, or update your existing Will to include a gift to RSPCA Queensland. It’s very easy to do. See suggested wording here, which might help your solicitor with the legal wording to make sure you include RSPCA Queensland properly.

Step 3. Talk to your family

Of course, it’s your Will, and your choice to tell whomever you wish about its contents. However, sharing the fact that you’ve included a gift to RSPCA Queensland in your Will with your family and friends means they’ll be ‘no surprises’ when the time comes.

Include a Charity coalition

RSPCA Qld is proud to be a part of Include a Charity – a coalition of more than 130 charities working together to change the way Australians think about including charities in their Will.