• Digit with RSPCA Inspector Clare

  • Digit after surgery

  • Digit with her new family

At just 8 weeks of age, this little puppy, now affectionately known as Digit, had seen more pain and suffering than it is possible to imagine. This beautiful little blue heeler arrived at RSPCA Queensland in November when a concerned member of the community reported a possible welfare issue to our 24/7 Animal Emergency Hotline, 1300 ANIMAL. 

Our RSPCA Inspectorate was on the case. Investigations into Digit’s situation uncovered that she had been suffering for a week after being hit by a car in Rockhampton. 

This adorable puppy wasn’t taken to a vet, instead she was taken home and allegedly given human pain killers, which are toxic to dogs. 

Digit was rescued by our Inspector and taken to the vet. Both of her back legs were broken and her bone was exposed on her front paws. What Digit was given at her home led to suspected poisoning and further complicated her recovery.  Our RSPCA vets were worried about the possible organ failure that might occur due to this. Digit was immediately placed on a drip to help flush her delicate system.

Digit had a long road of surgery and rehabilitation ahead of her. If you can help other pets just like Digit get the veterinary care they need, please donate today.

Digit had surgery on both of her broken back legs and two of her front left toes were removed. As Digit had been left with broken bones for days, this made surgery a bit more complicated!

This poor little pup needed ongoing care and rehabilitation, from x-rays, blood tests and specialist physiotherapy; all so she could have a second chance at a happy, normal life. 

The investigation into Digit’s injuries is continuing and we are confident of being able to lay charges soon, but other pets like Digit need RSPCA help right now. With over 1,600 pets in our care today, you can help ensure they get the care they need too. 

If you can, please donate to help ensure we can keep offering our vital services every day to pets in need like Digit. 

Digit had a long uphill battle to a new life and our Inspector, fantastic volunteers and vets were there for her every step of the way while she recovered and healed. Digit has since gone on to find a loving, forever family.