Just look at that adorable nose! This is Amos, one of our newest RSPCA Furbassadors helping to spread the word about adoption. You may have seen his handsome face pop up on your Instagram feed alongside fellow Furbassador, Kiba! It is wonderful to see RSPCA bull-type breeds in their furever homes, and breaking negative stigmas surrounding certain dog breeds.

“My husband and I had always been thinking of getting a dog however we never really felt it was right and we had told ourselves that we wanted a border collie.  For fun, my husband checked the RSPCA Qld site probably once every 1-2 weeks just to see what was there.”

“But one night for some reason, my husband was scrolling through and was instantly drawn to Amos.  At 1.5 years of age his cute little nose and sweet looking face just looked like he was reaching out to us.”

“His story melted our hearts and we had to find out more.  This was on Wednesday.  We basically spent the next 48 hours obsessing over him and thinking about him.  We researched the breeds, called the RSPCA, spoke to anyone with a dog; to make sure we were doing the right thing for us and Amos.”

“3 days later we were driving back from RSPCA Wacol with our beautiful Amos in tow ready to start a life of adventures.”

“Our first 6 months were an interesting time together which I imagine is similar to anybody who owns a dog.  I look back at that time and actually laugh, but I wouldn't change a thing.  It was perfect and we all learnt so much.” 

“With the help of our private trainer, we are progressing so well and we are so proud of the dog that Amos is.”

“Amos has the most beautiful temperament and is always the life of a party.  He has the most gorgeous nose and smile and somehow he manages to still play hard but have that smile on his face.”

“He is 100% happy all the time because of us and the RSPCA.  Amos gives 110% no matter what he is doing - training, playing, sleeping or eating.  Amos adores meeting new people and dogs and loves exploring.”

“We call Amos our angel because he's saved our lives as much as we have saved his, in so many ways. We would do anything for Amos and we are committed to making sure that Amos has the best life possible and we thoroughly plan on making up for his first 1.5years of life when we did not have him.”

“When the time is right we are looking forward to getting Amos a sister - rescue of course!”

Amos’ mum Melissa has some adoption advice if you are looking for a new companion:

“Please rescue a dog it will change both your life but more importantly the impact on theirs is inexpressible.”

“Also check out some different breeds you may never have thought of getting before. There are so many beautiful dogs out there waiting for a home and love.”

Amos’ Personality

  • Strong willed
  • Fun loving
  • Energetic

Amos’ Likes

  • His green ball
  • We call Amos 'jaws of steel' he loves to chew anything and everything!
  • Food - he will eat anything and everything including an 800g beef tongue. 
  • The beach - Amos plans on being the world’s best surfer dog!

Amos’ Dislikes

  • The wind
  • Being left alone, he just loves being around people