• Riley in the Adoption Centre with a guinea pig looking for a home

  • Riley with Zoe the Border Collie waiting for a new home

  • Riley learns more about the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital

Introducing Riley Day as an RSPCA Queensland Ambassador! A homegrown sprinter, Riley has her sights firmly set on the 2021 Olympics.

At just 20 years of age, Riley is keen to help make a difference to the lives of animals. “I’ve always been really passionate about animals and their well-being so I thought it would be great to use my platform to help bring awareness to all of the great things that RSPCA does for the wider animal community.” 

Growing up with pets in the Scenic Rim, Riley has always adored their company. “I was raised on acreage in a small town outside of Brisbane, I had a dog for 13 years growing up and he was my best friend! He was also best friends with my cow Moo, we all used to hang out together when I was younger!”

During a recent visit to the RSPCA Brisbane Animal Care Campus, Riley enjoyed seeing what’s being done to save our wildlife too. “I wasn’t aware that they had a native wildlife clinic, so they don’t just save pets. They save, treat and release animals such as koalas, possums, kangaroos and birds.”

Like most people, Riley wants a brighter future for animals, away from a life of misery. “I would like to see a change to stop dog fighting worldwide and a stop to puppy farms.”

Riley’s message to others is simple. “Treat animals how you want to be treated, they are absolutely incredible and all very different so treat them all kindly and they will do the same.”

Please join us in wishing Riley all the best with her future sporting endeavours. She’s currently training to compete in the 2021 Olympics. “Even though I can’t travel overseas and race I’m doing a lot of training here and local comps. My long term goals would be to medal at a World Championship, Commonwealth Games and the Olympics!” 

You can follow Riley’s journey on her Instagram page here.