• Mel Buttle enjoying the Black Cat Cafe with Penny

  • Mel hearing Goose's best joke

Meet Mel Buttle, comedian and animal lover. Jokes aside, she’s serious about helping animals in need and has jumped on board as an RSPCA Ambassdor to help make a difference.
“I’m a proud owner of an RSPCA rescue, she’s a 7-year-old Bull Arab cross who changed my life. She is the sweetest, most loyal, loving dog I’ve ever had. Ruby is my world, I love hearing her snore at night, I sleep well knowing I’ve helped a dog get a loving home. So I’m keen to help do whatever I can to support other people who are in a position to adopt a pet, to do so from the RSPCA, the best breed is the one in need.”

Mel has been an animal lover all her life… 

“My childhood dog was a beagle a friend found wandering lost in the bush of Beaudesert, they knew I was desperate for a dog, so after much begging mum and dad agreed to let me keep Polly. That’s what twelve-year-old me named her, after Polly my favourite character in The Bill.”

“My dad is very into animals, we’d always be dropping an injured bird off to a wildlife carer or helping a python across the road. I guess I get my fondness for animals from him. I’m a very big dog lover, I love taking Ruby to the dog park and meeting all the dogs, I know all their names, but not many of the owner’s names!”

You can see Mel in action soon in the Western Downs region and she’s also bound for India, touring with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in November! Watch this space for when Mel returns to co-host The Great Australian Bake Off as well. 

It’s not just about dogs and cats for Mel (well mainly dogs), she is also passionate about sourcing higher welfare food.

“I’m really passionate about everything the RSPCA does, one of the initiatives I’m most impressed by is RSPCA Approved. I’m a foodie, so I always try to buy the highest welfare animal products that I can. I love how it’s clearly labelled on the product, so people can make a more ethical choice with ease.”

Some final words from Mel, “Adopt don’t shop, if you can’t adopt, donate, if you can’t donate, volunteer, if you can’t volunteer, advocate.”

Keep up with Mel's adventures, and Ruby too on her Instagram page.